Inter-COST collaboration: NEUBIAS visited CHARME

By Natasa Sladoje (WG6)

COST’s mission is to support the integration of research communities. Inter-COST collaborations strongly contribute to that.
We have recognised an opportunity to establish such a collaboration with the COST Action 15110 CHARME – Harmonising standardisation strategies to increase efficiency and competitiveness of European life-sciences research (
CHARME has 30 member countries, gathered to promote comprehensive, efficient, harmonized, recognized and adopted Standard Operating Procedures in Life Sciences. Observing that currently 80-90% of the research data are not reusable or accessible, CHARME aims at:
– identifying needs, developing norms and long-term strategy, and coordinating activities of the stakeholders (researchers, industry representatives and policy makers) towards standardization of acquisition, analysis, and publication of data;
– increasing confidence in quality of data to enhance sharing and re-use;
– supporting reproducibility of data and procedures.
CHARME states that “… standards assure and ensure that data become easily accessible, sharable and comparable along the value chain. The use of common standards may hence result in improved efficiency and competitiveness of European life-sciences research.”

NEUBIAS@CHARME’s Big Data in Life Sciences
NEUBIAS was presented during a 30min long invited talk at a training school (TS) and a workshop “Big Data for Life Sciences” co-organized by CHARME and EMBnet in Uppsala (Sweden) September 18-22 (
The audience was composed of the TS participants (students and trainers), invited guests
and the Action leaders. Host of the event was Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, the Action vice-chair. He, together with Domenica D´Elia, the leader of CHARME’s WG for dissemination and an EMBnet representative, showed high interest for NEUBIAS and possible further collaboration.

All activities of NEUBIAS attracted attention – our great success in training and education, our engaged communication, visibility and outreach via conferences, show-case events, STSMs, and other dissemination activities, and finally our several online tools and resources supporting and promoting data accessibility and integrity, availability of methods, reproducibility of results, and cooperation in a highly multidisciplinary domain. Several attendees expressed intention to join us in Szeged, at our 2nd NEUBIAS Symposium.

NEUBIAS is warmly invited to participate at the Workshop on Standardization in Life Sciences which will be organized by CHARME in Split (Croatia), October 23-25.

CHARME Training school on Big Data in Life Sciences attendees