NEUBIAS social media, ‘What’s in it for me?’

by Auxiliadora Sarmiento and Irene Fondon (WG3)

There is surely no better place to meet and mingle with other professionals than at our community conferences. But in this increasingly connected world, more and more of our everyday personal interactions are taking place online. Thus, social networking sites are excellent tools not only for making but also for maintaining the connections between the members of the NEUBIAS community.

Nowadays, we have an active presence on the biggest three networking sites: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You might be surprised at the effectivity of these platforms for discussing science, forging collaborations and creating supporting networks. The thrilling thing about NEUBIAS social media is that you never know who may be able to help you.

 Twitter is a great way to expand your network well beyond the lab. An engaging conversation in less of 140 characters? Yes, of course. Our tweets communicate not just news but many other valuable contents, and the possibilities are huge. You can pose a question adding @NEUBIAS_COST and the NEUBIAS community will surely respond. If you can’t attend the last conference or symposium, don’t worry, you can search our hashtag #NEUBIAS and follow it in real time. And if you have a crazy result from an experiment, why not share it?

 Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. We mostly use it for sending out news, promoting upcoming events and publishing job openings. But you can also engage in interesting conversations about advances in imaging technology, or at least eavesdrop on them. You have an audience waiting, so share a link to your latest scientific manuscript or share a technique or a tool with the group.

LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world. People from different backgrounds are together: life scientists, bioimage analysts (BIAlysts), microscopists, developers and more. So, why not post an update of what you are doing? You can even become a thought leader by posting interesting content or promoting our own expertise.

Now you know our social media sites, it’s time to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our network on LinkedIn in the case you had not done it before. Your contribution is valuable for NEUBIAS!! Do not be shy 😉