Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI), Biopark Charleroi Brussels South, Belgium

Master of engineering, master in computer science with experience (or a PhD degree) related to image processing.

Applications are invited for a lab manager position to work at the Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI) in Biopark Charleroi Brussels South, Belgium. CMMI provides the scientific community (universities and private companies) with an integrated and efficient preclinical imaging platform. You will have close interaction with the multidisciplinary team of the center. You will have access to the state of the art pre-clinical imaging systems. You will be responsible for the image data management and original image analysis developments for the facility.

Current imaging modalities at the CMMI:
– Electron microscopy
– Brightfield, fluorescence, confocal microscopy
– Holography microscopy
– High-content microscopy analysis system
– Whole Slide Imaging (digital pathology)
– High-resolution autoradiography
– Magnetic resonance imaging (preclinical)
– PET and SPECT (pre-clinical)
– CT (pre-clinical)


● be an experienced engineer or computer scientist ideally with research experience
● have experience in image processing, ideally in biomedical imaging;
● have good programming skills and good notions of software project management
● possess a proven track record in managing and delivering research projects or project management
● have a problem solving oriented mind and a good team spirit, the position involves daily collaboration with the other CMMI members
● ideally possess a track record in securing research funding … DUTIES The candidate will actively participate in the following activities:
● manage contact with internal and external scientific and industrial clients
● design and implement an image repository framework for the CMMI (by looking for existing available solutions)
● implement good software practices for the long term support of image processing and analysis routines
● set up new image processing developments in collaboration with the other members of the center
● disseminate results by actively initiate and participate to scientific publications
● apply to research project calls (regional and international)



The position is for four years and it is renewable subject to funding availability.

Contact person: Olivier Debeir