Science Program Manager, Imaging

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Palo Alto, USA



In this role, you will play a leadership role in supporting the development of new tools and facilitating collaborations in the imaging and microscopy community, especially in the areas of image analysis and visualization for cell biology. Our support of this ecosystem will likely take many forms, including grantmaking to biologists and computational scientists and developing open-source tools among the science community and CZI computational biologists and software engineers.

The ideal candidate will have deep, hands-on expertise in quantitative microscopy, and at least some familiarity with the current open-source imaging software ecosystem (e.g. ImageJ, FIJI. CellProfiler, etc.) and core technologies (Python, TensorFlow, WebGL). Key qualities are (1) an understanding of how biologists want to work with imaging data; (2) a passion for community engagement and open-source development; and (3) strong interpersonal skills and ability to build and work across a diversity of expertise.

Work closely with Science Program Officers, Computational Biologists, and Technology Staff to help define and lead programs in imaging and microscopy and represent them to the outside community
Collaborate with biologists, imaging scientists, and open-source software developers to help conceive and develop analysis and visualization tools for biological imaging data
Drive internal and external community engagement, including planning and running hackathons and meetings, and engage in outreach to ensure connections to users, standards groups, and existing open-source communities
Support the grantmaking process for current and future programs, including selection, review, process, and relationship management
Identify and engage with existing open-source communities, and help build consensus around standards and methods

PhD degree or equivalent experience in quantitative microscopy or similar field
3+ years of experience analyzing microscopy image data, including the use of common open-source tools (e.g. ImageJ, FIJI, CellProfiler) and at least one modern software analysis or visualization ecosystem (e.g. Python, TensorFlow, WebGL, etc.)
3+ years of experience in physical or virtual community-building activities, including hackathon planning, workshop or conference organization, hosting tutorials, etc.
3+ years working in or helping coordinate open-source software communities