Host Labs

Current location of NEUBIAS Host Labs willing to host STSMs candidates (Light Green dots) in COST Countries participating in NEUBIAS (light orange)

About Host Labs

Pick it, or find one...

This map show the location of organizations/platforms who have offered to be hosts for NEUBIAS’ STSMs.

Alternatively applicants may contact other labs to host the mission. Please, note that the applicant is responsible for choosing and contacting the Host institution and for organizing the application process.

In kind support and collaboration

The STSM is not targeted to " full service " in Image analysis, i.e. the Host-labs will not perform on demand analysis of users’ data, but should rather support scientists in a collaborative way to develop tools and knowledge to perform their own work of analysis. Interaction with the Host labs is not expected to be full time during the Mission, the applicant is expected to work independently on the project for an important part of the stay. Host Labs are not funded under this framework and contribute in kind to the collaborative work.

BioImage Analysis, Not to access Instruments !

The scientific context of STSMs should be strictly limited to BioImage-Analysis-driven projects involving development of Image analysis technology and/or knowledge transfer in the field of Life Science. Access to and operation of Imaging instrumentation will in general not be contemplated in the collaboration with the Host Labs. Any Exception will require very strong scientific justification and workplan description.