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The aim of this wiki is to share the record and status of various activities of NEUBIAS [1] among its members.



  • General Announcements Log of General announcements
  • WG1 Strategy and Scheduling
  • WG2 Training
  • WG3 Inreach / Outreach
  • WG4 Webtool
  • WG5 Benchmarking & Sample Datasets
  • WG6 Open Publications
  • WG7 Career Path and Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)
  • Other information Issues not fitting to any of above

NEUBIAS Members Directory

Profiles of NEUBIAS members

Who edits this WIKI?

Anyone in NEUBIAS can create and edit wiki pages, and appreciated to do so. When there is a new page, or major update in a page, please report to Working Group 3 members, so that the updates can be added to the news section (under construction) in the main website

Please start first by creating pages for each of these working groups, by clicking the links in red (once created, it becomes blue). For markups, see this cheatsheet.

NEUBIAS resource channels

We communicate with Glip, emails and skype/hangouts-like online meetings. As participation to these channels are often limited to only a fraction of network members, the outcome from this network activity tends to become invisible and left alone from the wider community.

This wiki collects the record of those activities so that other people can have a glance of overall ongoing activities in NEUBIAS. Glip does hold many of those information, but as information in Glips are streaming and information in past becomes difficult to reach, wiki is a collection point to provide overview of those outcomes. Note that Glip is a closed resource accessible to only team and group members: be careful only to upload selected information to this wiki from the Glip.

The main website, "" will be a more or less "formal" content with important advertisement for workshops, conferences, STSM. We limit the access to main website not to have complication in the consistency of contents and so on.

To summarize:

  • for very important and needs attention: email
  • rough, internal, chronical and interactive: Glip
  • structurally organized detailed resources, redirected from Glip, mainly targeting network members and new comers, archive of documents: Wiki
  • formal, public, adverts, concise:

Here is a test page

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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