NEUBIAS 2020 Conference Series

NEUBIAS 2020 is a new series of annual international Conference centered on BioImage Analysis, which includes 3 parallel events and a common Symposium/Showcase.

It brings together Life-Scientists, BioImage Analysts, Image Analysis Software developers and other Core Facilities Specialists (e.g. Microscopists) to bridge the gap between BioImage Analysis developments and know-how, and their use in Life Science. It aims to be a forum to exchange the newest findings, applications and cutting-edge developments in BioImage Analysis, machine learning, data mining and storage.

NEUBIAS 2020 is the major annual gathering of NEUBIAS, a COST Action gathering 34 European countries and International Partner Countries, and aims to bring together ~250 scientists from the BioImage Analysis Community.

NEUBIAS2020 reflects the need to foster the networking between image analysis developments and their end-users. The interest and need for image processing in life sciences are strongly growing, a reality that was reflected in the success of earlier related events like the EUBIAS in Barcelona in October 2013 ( and Paris in January 2015 (, from where NEUBIAS project has stemmed and matured.

The event combines, in a compact 6-days event:

  • Two Training schools (on selection),                       
    • For Early Career Investigators - parallel
    • For BioImage Analysts
  • One Taggathon (working meeting, on invitation)
  • One Open Symposium/Showcase on Bioimage Analysis and Open Tools         

Past Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

1st NEUBIAS Conference - Lisbon, Portugal, 12-17 Feb. 2017

The first NEUBIAS Conference was held on February 12-17th, 2017 in Portugal hosted by the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

2nd NEUBIAS Conference - Szeged, Hungary, 27 Jan - 02 Feb 2018

The second NEUBIAS Conference will be organized and hosted by Dr. Peter Horvath, Principal Investigator at the Biological Research Center (BRC) of the Hungarian Academy of Science, Szeged.