NEUBIAS Training School for Bioimage Analysts


NEUBIAS will organize a new Training School for BioImage Analysts, a series of four Training Schools to be repeated yearly. This event will feature developers and analysts to give lectures and hands-on tutorials of the newest technology in the field to fellow bioimage analysts, who are eager to expand their abilities to process complex datasets and utilize cutting edge analysis techniques in their research environment. The first school will be on February 12-15th, 2017, to be held in Oeiras, near as a part of NEUBIAS conference . For more details of this school, see this page.

Target Audience: Bioimage Analysts

This school is designed for Bioimage Analysts experienced with image analysis and programming, typically researchers, developers, facility staff or research scientists dedicated to image analysis.


Please contact Gabriel Martins and Fabrice Cordelières for information related to the general Training School organization: gaby(at)igc(dot)gulbenkian(dot)pt, fabrice(dot)cordelieres(at)u-bordeaux(dot)fr

Please contact Kota Miura and Jean-Yves Tinevez  for information related to This Training School organization:  miura(at)cmci(dot)info,  jean-yves(dot)tinevez(at)pasteur(dot)fr


(2nd NEUBIAS workshop, Oeiras Feb 2017)