Registration & Abstracts

Welcome to the 5th NEUBIAS conference

Registration to Symposium is open! Click on the links (images).

Abstracts submission to symposium open until 15th March.

The registration link will redirect you to a form, where you will be queried for all relevant information to register to the Symposium (11-12th May, 2023), including billing details. The outcome will be an email with the payment procedure.

EUR 200 + VAT (246.00, tax included) - Academic participant

EUR 350 + VAT (430.50, tax included) - Industrial participant

If you plan to apply to a Defragmentation Training School 2 as trainee, you must first go through the selection procedure. Once you are communicated that you are selected, you will be able to proceed with registration at i3S system form.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Porto!


Cancellation Policy:
Participation fees are due in advance by the deadline communicated in your confirmation email. Should you not be able to attend the conference after payment, we kindly ask you to contact the conference office by 31th March, 2023, at latest. Later cancellations cannot be taken into account and will not be refunded.

Defragmentation TS2 Application closed
Abstract submission closed
Symposium Registrations open