Outreach and Inreach – WG3


Description of WG3

The Action needs to reach a critical mass of participants and to ensure the involvement of all stakeholders. One of the objectives of WG3 will be to build communication tools and initiatives to advertise and disseminate the Network Actions and outputs to the stakeholders. To this end, WG3 will plan and schedule a communication strategy with the commercial and scientific communities, including wide-reaching surveys. It will develop e-communication, such as quarterly newsletters and the Action website, acting as an entry point to the network, and referencing all the online deliverables of other Workgroups. It will aim to reach wider microscopy, Life Science and bio-image informatics communities by attendance at an identified list of events. It will also ensure the presence of all stakeholders in the Action by working out dedicated sessions in the annual event with WG1 and promoting bridges with open software in collaboration with WG5 and WG4. WG3 also has the objective of promoting collaboration with research infrastructure stakeholders, policy makers and biomedical imaging initiatives. In particular, this will involve helping to find sustainable funding for high-potential open source projects, or missing resources outside the framework of scientific publications. It will also promote standardization and best practice within the BIAS field. WG3 will propose plans for effective collaboration with the other structural “bodies”, institutions and networks involved in Bio-Imaging, and approach management teams and Scientific boards to identify issues and catalyze beneficial collaborations and joint initiatives. In addition to these outreach objectives, WG3 will also be responsible for creating an inclusive path for newcomers in this Action by defining a list of minimal activity requirements.

Dissemination actions:

Events – NEUBIAS is beeing introduced at several scientific and network events – See More

Newsletters – Soon available