Imaging has become a key technique in life science to achieve high-standards research and results. Among the three major components of imaging: experiments, microscopy and image analysis, nearly 60% of life science researchers acknowledged that "Image Analysis is the most difficult part" during a survey we organized (n=1904). We believe that Bioimage Analysts are the key players in the field to overcome this difficulty (see Key Concepts for more details).

NEUBIAS is a unique network of bioimage analysts in Europe, aiming at strengthening the bridge between life science,  computer science and digital image processing by:

  • Establishing the role and identity of bioimage analysts in the life science community
  • Sharing bioimage analysis knowledge and techniques
  • Improving image analysis technology, foster innovations and collaborations
  • Securing image data integrity
  • Complementing rapidly evolving microscopy techniques

NEUBIAS (Network of EUropean BioImage AnalystS) is an action fully funded by COST (CA15124). For more details, read "NEUBIAS Action" page. Network members are listed under this page, and to become a member, please visit this page