Talented young scientists quickly move to the best international environments for their research. Creating a highly-visible and competitive Bioimage Analyst community that continuously offers and supports the most needed cutting-edge analysis tools and highest-quality services to Life Scientists will allow Europe to attract outstanding international talent. Thus, the main motivation of NEUBIAS is to help Bioimage Analysts gain more recognition and visibility by fostering the opening of new positions in Europe, and by strengthening relations with industry  to promote the transfer of talent and to push innovative developments.

The establishment of the community will stabilize the job role of Bioimage Analysts in life science research and will provide a new career model. The short-term impact of the planned outreach activities is expected to attract more young scientists into image analysis in the life science.   A survey (2013) indicates that 40% of Life Science imaging researchers lack support from Image analysis experts — a figure that reflects a huge unsatisfied demand.  In the long term, an increase in the number of image analysts will fill this need and boost output in imaging-based research projects


This page will aim to offer tools and information to help Bioimage Analyst developing their career path, to help employers developing hiring strategy, etc..

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This consultation aims the definition of the BioImage Analysts today and scan existing curricula in Europe.

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BioImage Analysts: Career Path

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