Program 2018

Preliminary Program


Full Event at a Glance

NEUBIAS Conference 2018 - Szeged, Hungary
January 2018 February 2018
Sat 27th Sun 28th Mon 29th Tue 30th Wed 31st Thu 1st Fri 2nd
parallel events AM Keynote Lecture Keynote Lecture Keynote Lecture
Group 1 Training school TS6 Session 1 Session 4 Session 7
for Early Career Investigators (on selection) Session 2 Session 5 Session 8
Group 2 Training school TS7 Lunch time Industry Workshops Industry Workshops Industry Workshops NEUBIAS MC Meeting Panel Discussions + closing
for BioImage Analysts (on selection) PM Call4Help
Social events altogether ! Session 3 / / Flash talks Session 6
Group 3 NEUBIAS Taggathon #4 Posters NEUBIAS Network booths Open Source Software Lounge Industry Exhibition
(on invitation) EVE Social Event + free evening Gala dinner
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Invited Speakers

Gaudenz Danuser, Univ. Texas SouthWestern (Dallas, USA), Professor, Patrick E. Haggerty Distinguished Chair in Basic Biomedical Science.

Marleen DeBruijne, Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam, NL), Professor.

Natalie de Souza, Nature Methods (NY, USA), Chief Editor.

Christian Dietz, University of Konstanz (Germany), KNIME developer.

Irene Fondón, University of Sevilla (Spain), Associate Professor.

Florian Jug, Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics (Dresden, Germany), Principal Investigator.

Charles Kervrann, INRIA (Rennes, France), SERPICO Team Leader - Research Director.

Anna Kreshuk, University of Heidelberg - Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI), Ilastik developer at Image Analysis and Learning Group

Ajay Limaye, Australian National University (Canberra, Australia), Drishti developer.

Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain), Professor/ Bioimage Analyst.

Gene Myers, Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics (Dresden, Germany), Founding Director of the System Biology Center.

Tobias Pietzsch, Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics (Dresden, Germany), Fiji/IJ2 developer.

Loïc Royer, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub (San Francisco, USA), Group Leader.

John Bogovic, HHMI Janelia Farm (Ashburn, VA, USA), Bioinformatics specialist.

Natasa Sladoje-Matic, Center for Image Analysis University of Uppsala (Sweden) - Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Belgrad, Serbia), Associate Professor.

Jason Swedlow, University of Dundee (Scotland - UK), Professor.

Virginie Uhlmann, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), Image Analysis developer.

Special Sessions

A balanced program

Following COST policies and NEUBIAS mission, we aim to establish a series of lectures with a good balance between Science-driven talks and Tools-driven contributions, between invited and selected abstracts, between Life Science and Image Analysis technology, between senior and early career speakers, between facilities and research labs.

OsSL:    Open-source Software Lounge

Meet the developers, specialists and PowerUsers who demonstrate the latest updates of Software Packages and Tools in a live demo session of 2.5 hours.

Refreshments, laptops and good atmosphere.

Confirmed Packages in Demo: Ilastik, Fiji, KNIME, Cytomine, Drishti/Drishti Prayog, CellProfiler, QuimP, Advanced Cell Classifier, DeBIAS, ClearVolume/Mastodon/Sciview, CellTool, CPI scripting, GcoPS, DiversePathJ, SIMCheck, ImFCS, BoneJ2, Open Source Python for Super-resolution, more to come ...

C4H:    Call for Help

A panel-discussion introduced at the NEUBIAS conference in Lisbon (2017), C4H brings together members of the BioImage Data & Analysis community and life-scientists to present their problems and share their suggested solutions. There you can present your case, see other presentations and share your thoughts and hints. Call4Help has since evolved to its current form with a website hosting past projects and ongoing discussions from where projects are selected for the next live event: Check the Call4Help web and see how to take part in the session in Szeged. More info to come.


Companies Workshops:

8 sponsors featuring a plenary talk (GOLD: Carl Zeiss Microscopy), booths

and 4 workshops (Leica Microsystems, Imaris - Bitplane, Amira - Thermofisher scientific, Carl Zeiss Microscopy)

Workshops will repeat 4 times (after lunch, and in the evening sessions), giving the opportunity to all participants to see all content.

Sponsorship is closed, please contact local organizers for late breaking opportunities.

NEUBIAS Booths:   

Meet the leaders and tasks leaders of NEUBIAS workgroups and learn about ongoing activities, available opportunities, ways to contribute and adhere, test NEUBIAS online tools and repositories, learn about the experience of grantees who have benefited from travel grants, etc...

Panel Discussions:

Hot topics and challenges faced by the community, discussed between experts and the audience. E.g. Career development in Bioimage Analysis, ethics in Image Processing and Data Manipulation, Funding opportunities, Editors' perspective, Data Sharing and Accessibility