Members / Joining

As of August 2018, NEUBIAS gathers 36 COST member countries, 3 international partners countries, 2 Near-neighbor coutries and over 240 members, as well as EMBL as RTD organization.

COST countries that have joined:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The following Near Neighbour Countries have joined: Ukraine, Belarus.

The following International Partner Countries have joined: Australia, Singapore, USA.

Brazil is in the process of joining.

Click on the Map below to find about members in each country  (ongoing updates, apologies for members still missing in this directory, and for unlinked profiles under construction).


How to join ?

New Countries have until February 2019 to join NEUBIAS officially through COST.

New members can apply to their COST National Coordinators to become Management Committee Members or substitutes, if seats available.

New members who want to join NEUBIAS as regular members can do it at any time, and will receive a Glip account invitation (internal Forum) and a wiki Access

Members: Minimal Requirements

NEUBIAS has set a list of minimal requirements for new members to join and to ensure minimal activity oof all members:

  • All members are expected to be active in at least one Workgroup
  • All members should have read the Memorandum of Understanding and agree with its terms, objectives and deliverables.
  • All members should diffuse and promote NEUBIAS regionally and nationally and forward adverts from the Outreach team (WG3)
  • All members should attend at least once the annual conference
  • All members should respond to online queries by WGs leaders, including surveys, webtool tagging tasks etc...

To apply to become member please write to julien(dot)colombelli(at)irbbarcelona(dot)org

How to join ?

COST Actions are Open and Bottom up. During the 1st year of an Action (for NEUBIAS: open until 30th of April, 2017) any researcher/Scientist/professional, from a COST Member Country that has signed the Memorandum of Understanding of the Action (see here for a list of NEUBIAS countries), and whose expertise is relevant to the Action can join by simply contacting the Chair of The Action by email:

Julien Colombelli (IRB Barcelona, Spain)
email: julien(dot)colombelli(at)irbbarcelona(dot)org

The general  prerequisite to join is that mutual benefit between the Action and the interested individual can be clearly identified.

The procedure to join the Action involves a few steps which will soon be formalized in a document summarizing the "Inclusion Path for Newcomers". In brief, we ask interested participants to read the MoU, describe their research interest and express specific interests in the activities of the Workgroups described in the MoU via an entry questionnaire. The "Inclusion Path for Newcomers" will define the minimal activity requirement expected from NEUBIAS members. For example, Management Committee members are required to be active in at least one of the Workgroups.

Other cases:

  • For countries that have not yet signed the MoU, inclusion in NEUBIAS will depend on this signature. The contact person is the COST National Coordinator of the country, contact to be found on the website of COST.
  • For International Partner Countries, inclusion in the Action involves institutional agreements, please contact the Action Chair for more details.

Joining a COST Action is possible until the end of its 3rd year, i.e. 30th of April 2019 for NEUBIAS.