Program Overview

A balanced program

Following COST policies and the NEUBIAS mission, we aim to establish a series of lectures with a good balance between science-driven talks and tools-driven contributions, between invited and selected abstracts, between life science and image analysis technology, between senior and early career speakers, between facilities and research labs.

The whole event at a glance

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3rd NEUBIAS Conference - Luxembourg

February 2019
Sat 2nd Sun 3rd Mon 4th Tue 5th Wed 6th Thu 7th Fri 8th
AM Keynote Keynote Keynote
Group 1 Training school TS10
for Early Career Investigators
(on selection)
Session 1 Session 4 Session 6
Session 2 Session 5 STSM Reports &
Session 7
Flash Talks Flash Talks
Group 2 Training school TS11
for BioImage Analysts
(on selection)
PM Poster Lunch DPS Lunch MC* Closing Lunch
WS 1 WS 2
Session 3 Panel Discussion
Group 3 NEUBIAS Taggathon #6
(on invitation)
NEUBIAS Taggathon #6 NEUBIAS Taggathon #6 Call4Help OSSL WS 3
NEUBIAS Taggathon #6 NEUBIAS Taggathon #6 NEUBIAS Taggathon #6 EVE Explore Luxembourg Gala Dinner
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*NEUBIAS management committee meeting, only on invitation.

Invited Speakers

Susan Cox, Kings College London (United Kingdom)

Ivo F. Sbalzarini, TU Dresden & MPI-CBG (Germany)

Kevin Eliceiri, LOCI - University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Khaled Khairy, CBI - St Jude Children Research Hospital - Memphis (USA)

Anna Kreshuk, EMBL Heidelberg (Germany)

Siân Culley, University College London (UK)

Dagmar Iber, ETH Zuerich (Switzerland)

Wei Ouyang, Science for Life Laboratory, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden)

David Rousseau, University of Angers (France)

Jean-Yves Tinevez, Institut Pasteur, Paris (France)

Sébastien Tosi, Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona (Spain)

Florian Levet, Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, Bordeaux (France)

Carolina Wählby, Center for Image Analysis - Science for Life Laboratory, Uppsala (Sweden)

Marion Louveaux, Center for Organismal Studies, Univ. of Heidelberg (Germany)

Pekka Ruusuvuori, Tampere University of Technology (Finland)

Special Sessions

BioImage Analyst Satellite Meeting (Tue pm, Feb 5)

NEW for 2019 edition: Workshop-style sessions for analysts to exchange on problems and workflows. Half-day event one day before the symposium.

During this meeting, advanced image analysis workflows will be presented by experienced BioImage Analysts. Major goal of the session is communication among experts fostering knowledge exchange. We will show and discuss image analysis, components, workflows and tools that are technically advanced and yet have clear potential to work on a routine basis. However, the workflows might have bottlenecks and even breaks. Thus, the session serves as frame for expert-to-expert discussions on what tools and workflows can be applied in the daily business of bioimage analysts.

Schedule: 2 sessions for 1h30 each about issue specific topics: N-D batch image analysis and Computational infrastructure. In every session several experts demonstrate a tool or workflow. Afterwards the community can discuss details, limitations and improvements.

check final program HERE

C4H: Call for Help Session (Wed pm, Feb 6)

A plenary session introduced at the NEUBIAS conference in Lisbon (2017), C4H brings together members of the BioImage Data & Analysis community and life-scientists to present their problems and share their suggested solutions. There you can present your case, see other presentations and share your thoughts and hints. Call4Help has since evolved to its current form with a website hosting past projects and ongoing discussions from where projects are selected for the next live event: Check the Call4Help web pages and see how to take part in the session in Luxembourg.

OSSL: Open-Source Software Lounge (Thu pm, Feb 7)

Meet the developers, specialists and power-users who demonstrate the latest updates of open-source software packages and tools in a live demo session of 2⅓ h.

Submissions of abstracts for this session will be possible until the deadline of poster submission, mid-december 2018.

Keywords: Solutions, Refreshments, Laptops, Snacks, Experts, Ambience

Industry Contributions (Wed-Thu, Feb 6-7)

  • Workshops
  • Sponsor booths
  • TechBites*
  • Digital poster session*
  • Plenary talk (Platinum Sponsor)

*NEW for 2019 edition: Sponsors pitch their solutions during plenary flash talks, aka techBites, and small & medium-sized companies with unique solutions have the opportunity to present their approach during a dedicated digital poster session (DPS) of 2 h (screen and high table provided by the conference organisers).

Panel Discussion (Thu pm, Feb 7)

Hot topics and challenges faced by the community, discussed between experts and the audience, e.g., career development in bioimage analysis, ethics in image processing and data manipulation, funding opportunities, journal editors' perspective, data sharing and accessibility, and more.

NEUBIAS Booths (permanent, Feb 6-8)

Meet the organisers and tasks leaders of NEUBIAS workgroups and learn about ongoing activities, available opportunities, ways to contribute and adhere, test NEUBIAS online tools and repositories, learn about the experience of grantees who have benefited from travel grants, etc.