NEUBIAS Gateway on F1000Research

We introduced the NEUBIAS Gateway (May 2020), a new platform for publishing materials related to bioimage analysis, an interdisciplinary field bridging computer science and life sciences. This emerging field has been lacking a central place to share the efforts of the growing group of scientists addressing biological questions using image data. The Gateway welcomes a wide range of publication formats including articles, reviews, reports and training materials. We hope the Gateway supports this important field to grow and further helps more biologists and computational scientists learn about and contribute to these efforts.

About the Gateway

NEUBIAS is the European Network of Bioimage Analysts, a network of experts in life sciences for image data analysis. The expertise of Bioimage analysts is to design image analysis workflows with scientific quality by assembling and automating computational tools, and to interact with software developers and life scientists to bridge the life science and the computer science domains and facilitate the use of image analysis in life sciences. The network fosters the recognition and career development of Bioimage analysts to maximize the impact of advances in imaging technology on the life sciences, and to boost the productivity of Bioimaging-based research projects.

The primary aim of the NEUBIAS gateway on F1000Research is to be the hub for the exchange of knowledge about Bioimage analysis and its related fields by offering a common place to publish. This includes newly developed Bioimage analysis strategies, practical applications in challenging topics, and cutting-edge development in Bioimage analysis. The Gateway accepts all topics that contribute to the enhancement of the capability of Bioimage analysis, spanning image processing, analysis, visualization and statistical methods, bioimage analysis workflows, software packages, machine learning based approaches, data mining architecture and storage management, and more.

4 reasons to submit articles to F1000R NEUBIAS Gateway: 

  • Contribute to a platform for sharing knowledge in Bioimage Analysis
  • Push forward Reproducibility & Open Science
  • Give your work more than a folding chair in the supplementals
  • Publication process is fast and transparent

NEUBIAS members will help the F1000R editors team steering the Gateway:

  • Beth Cimini, Broad Institute.
  • Marion Louveaux, Pasteur Institute.
  • Kota Miura, NEUBIAS Vice-Chair, University of Heidelberg.
  • Simon Noerrelykke, ETH Zürich.
  • Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, University of Nantes.
  • Natasa Sladoje, Uppsala University.

Members of the Advisory Board – representatives of the NEUBIAS network – ensure that articles published in this gateway are relevant to the NEUBIAS community. They take no part in the open peer review process.

Types of Contributions/Publications

Application-related and method development-focused articles on Bioimage analysis components, Bioimage analysis workflows, or a software package for the use in Bioimage analysis. The articles on Bioimage analysis workflows should explain the biological context: biological objects/questions that the workflow is designed for. The articles on Bioimage analysis components should include examples of their use in a sample Bioimage analysis workflow, or instead refer to a biological paper where the component is used, or can be used, as an alternative component for the image analysis.

Training materials: Presentations introducing theoretical Bioimage Analysis concepts and step-by-step procedures to perform Bioimage Analysis tasks by leveraging existing software or libraries. These will be published in the gateway as non-peer reviewed slides or documents.

Posters: Conference posters from the NEUBIAS conference editions or partner events. These will be published in the gateway as non-peer reviewed posters.

Slides and Posters are published free of charge

Opinion articles about current challenges and trends in Bioimage Analysis, surveys, meeting reports, articles describing tools to organize Bioimage Analysis knowledge (e.g. BIII or BIAFLOWS), related conference reports, review articles possibly pointing out the current lack of solutions for particular Bioimage Analysis problems.

Reports about successful/unsuccessful reproduction of Bioimage analysis workflows published elsewhere.



NEUBIAS, COST Action CA15124, will support the F1000R article publication charges for a selected number of original articles presenting research results/methods/software on topics of bioimage analysis.

The first Call for Papers opens on June 15th and closes on July 15th, 2020.

The first Open Call is supported by COST as part of the Final Action of NEUBIAS.


You provide, in the form below, the title, abstract and complementary description for the article you aim to publish.

Your proposal is evaluated by the Advisory Board of the Gateway.

Upon acceptance by the Advisory Board and prior to the submission of your full manuscript, NEUBIAS will waive the publication charges in direct communication with F1000R.

10th of January 2021: Call is closing,
17th of January 2021: Notification of acceptance of NEUBIAS support,
Feb-March 2021: granted authors write and submit their contributions,
1st of March 2021: Deadline for selected authors to submit the full version of their article to the Neubias F1000R gateway.

1st OPEN CALL for PAPERS – Closed

The first Call for Papers opened on June 15th and closes on July 15th, 2020.

The first Open Call is supported by COST as part of the Final Action of NEUBIAS.