#2 @ IGC – Oeiras (PT)

The 2nd Taggathon (Taggathon#2) will be hosted and organized by the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, in Oeiras (Portugal),
from February 13th to 15th, 2017.

The general purpose of taggathons is to implement and feed the content of NEUBIAS webtool. This webtool aims to provide an organized repository of bio image analysis software and workflows to biologists, bioimage analysts and algorithm developers. During the first taggathon (Barcelona), a list of feature specifications has been ranked by importance, and potential web technologies reviewed and evaluated against these specifications. New data models, both for the organization of the webtool content and the tags ontology, have been discussed in collaboration with NEUBIAS WG5Eurobioimaging and Elixir, and are currently implemented in the new version of the webtool.

During Taggathon#2, we expect to:

  • Test the new data model and new interface of the webtool with new content (bio image analysis software and workflows adequately described and tagged).
  • Import previous content from biii and curate it.
  • Foster collaboration and integration with NEUBIAS WG2 (teaching), WG5 (benchmarking), and WG6 (publications).
  • Add new features to the webtool to enhance users and taggers experience.

Taggathon#2 will be held during the 1st NEUBIAS conference, but is only open on invitation. If you are interested in contributing, please contact WG4 leaders.

Travel & lodge information for invited taggers:

Upon arriving at the Lisbon international airport there are several methods to get to Oeiras (IGC) or Carcavelos (Riviera or Praia-Mar hotels):

1- Airport shuttle (http://www.golisbon.com/transport/airport-shuttle.html) to "Cais-do-Sodre" station, and from there take train headed to Cascais, exit in Oeiras for IGC, or continue to Carcavelos for the Riviera or Praia-Mar hotels (see interactive map below).

2- A Taxi ride com Airport to Oeiras is ~24km and should cost ~30€. A taxi ride do "Cais do Sodre" + train to Oeiras/Carcavelos is another option. Keep in mind that this option is not eligible to COST refund!

3- Subway metro: first take RED line from the Airport to "Alameda" station, then switch to GREEN line headed to "Cais-do-Sodre", and from there take train headed to Oeiras/Carcavelos. Click here for a google map with directions of this route!

Interactive map of Oeiras/Carcavelos POIs & Venue:

Hotels near the IGC (Training school & taggathon venue):

Riviera Hotel in Carcavelos (3km!!!, 35min walk, or 1 train stop or 5min taxi; breakfast and wifi included)
email: reservas@rivierahotel.pt
telf: +351 21 458 6600
- "single" room 70€ (mention NEUBIAS2020 in email but don't try to use it online!) >10 rooms available (unconfirmed)

Praia Mar Hotel in Carcavelos (3km, 35min walk, or 1 train stop or 5min taxi; breakfast and wifi included)
email: praiamar@themahotels.pt
Telf: +351 21 458 5100
- "single" room ~60€ (mention NEUBIAS2020 in email but don't try to use it online!) >10 rooms available (unconfirmed)

INATEL (1.3km, 15min walk; breakfast included, wifi only on common areas!)
email: inatel.oeiras@inatel.pt
telf: +351 210 029 800
- "Superior" rooms 40€ per single, 45€ double - >20 such rooms available.
- "Standard" rooms 35€ single, 40€ double ~15 rooms available
- "Tourist" rooms (no A/C!, and not renovated!), 28€ single, 35€ double ~20 rooms available
(mention NEUBIAS2020 in email to get special price, but don't try to use it if reserving online!)

Student dorm at EstacaoAgro (~500m, 5min walk, NO breakfast; a student dorm, not Hotel!)
email: mumbi@sapo.pt
telf: +351 962926027 (contact is Ms Umbelina)
- "Single" rooms (with private WC), 21.4€ - 11 rooms available

Other possibilities to search in Air B&B, Booking or Trivago:
- search locations near "Rua Quinta Grande, Oeiras", the IGC is near the "Jardim do Palacio do Marques do Pombal" and "Camara Municipal"


After you've secured a room in Oeiras for 12-15th Feb, please don't forget you need a room close to the Symposium in Lisbon (15-17th Feb), commuting from Oeiras to the Symposium venue can take as long as 1h (walk+train+walk+subway!) so its not ideal!

Looking forward to receiving you all in Oeiras!